Our company started its activities under the name of Aydın Celik Money Boxes under the leadership of Aydın Çetinkaya in 1982. Aydın Çelik produces high-strength steel cases in its 1200 m2 factory located in Sultangazi Small Industrial Site with its expert staff. Our company is the first EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality management certified manufacturer in the steel case sector, mainly in the jewelry, precious metals and foreign exchange bureaus sectors in the steel industry with the new period of activity in 2009 with the new facility in the same industry by expanding the range of products and superior to different sectors aims to provide quality products.

AYDIN ​​ÇELIK is a well-known brand with high demand for its products, also known abroad with its manufacturing quality and distinguished reference audience. Aydın steel money boxes have been selling products to Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Dahestan and Kuwait for many years. With its extensive service network and expert technical staff, Aydın Çelik Safes continues its activities with its structure that always adheres to the principles of providing service 24/7, within the reach of all domestic and international customers within the time of transportation. Our goal is to go forward with you for the better.